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Blitz hasn’t been around for long, but is exactly what many devs have been waiting for. A full stack solution for nextjs that makes sense.

Running my digital product studio meant the need to create many MVPs for clients. Blitz has helped with this in so many ways. But there are common patterns when it comes to developing a Saas. Features like subscription billing and inviting users to a workspace is common through out.

I’ve put together a well thought out template for blitz js that handles everything needed to get your idea out there and validate faster than ever.

1UpBlitz includes the following:

- Create multiple plans

Setup different plans on stripe for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Set the quantity based on how many users are invited to a workspace

- Plan upgrading and downgrading

Allow your customers to update their plans, and set wether you'd like to update the invoice at the end of their cycle or prorate the difference instantly

- BlitzGuard setup for workspaces

Out-of-the-box authorization centralized with BlitzGuard. Only workspace owners can edit and invite users to the workplace.

- Invite users to a workspace

Smart invite user journey. Workspace owners can invite users that either has an account or not. A transactional email will be sent and a query will be fired off to determine if an account is already created. If no account is found with the email address, the transactional email will send the user to the signup page.

- File upload api routes and an included react-dropzone form component

A highly requested example in the Blitz community. Connect your S3 compatible tokens and upload files with react-dropzone on the frontend. The frontend form component is set to work with the api routes right away.

- getCurrentUser function for the server

Until react server components is released, it was my goal to remove as many spinners as possible. I created a function that will fetch the current user on the server when `getInitialProps` is fired.

- Smart slug generator

Automatically generate slugs based on the title of a workspace. If the slug is already taken, the slug generator will look for the next available and append a number.

- End-to-end tested with cypress

Stability is important. You should feel comfortable from the start of your idea that the foundation of your business is strong. All the right tests will be included for every feature.

1UpBlitz will save you 60+ hours of time. I know this because this is the time I spent experimenting and figuring out the best solutions.

I’m offering an early bird preorder discount while I finish writing the documentation and integration tests for cypress. This will be the only opportunity to get 1UpBlitz at this price.

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I want this!